Six easy ways to participate in the Pick Cider campaign

  • Promote a seasonal cider. Maybe you have a special wood-aged release, a single varietal or a seasonal fruit cider (e.g. Noble Cider’s Cranberry Citrus Habanero cider has us thinking of stuffing). Encourage your customers to stock up for Thanksgiving by asking them to buy extra bottles of your special release for the holidays.
  • Offer special discounts in early November. Encourage sales of extra bottles for Turkey Day with deals like ‘20% off your second 750ml bottle.'
  • Pair your cider with football. Some ciders might be better suited for the big game than the big table. Recommend a dip or appetizer pairing for your sessionable cider! (Think cheese, we suggest. Good example from Angry Orchard here.)
  • Host a seasonal cider event. Already planning an event in November, perhaps a cider dinner? Let us know! Don't have anything planned? Keep it simple for success. The more we co-promote our November events, the better the media splash with be. Let us know what your event is so we can include it on the list! Think about pairing your cider with a simple Thanksgiving classic or feature a recipe that uses your cider in it (e.g. Cider mashed sweet potatoes).
  • Share your pairing ideas with your customers (and us). We have beautiful collateral to share with you to make this easy. If you want customizable Pick Cider posters, table tents, and Pick Cider buttons for your customers, let us know.  
  • Participate in the #PickCider online campaign. Simply snap photos (we strongly suggest a harvest or Thanksgiving vibe), tag recipes or other cidermakers, and post to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. 
And as always, encourage use of the #PickCider hashtag. Display it on your tasting room chalk board and use it in your social media!

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